Summer/Fall 2021 Charities Announced!

Summer/Fall 2021 Charities Announced!

At the conclusion of every league, Milwaukee Sports and Social will donate money to a pre-approved charity of the Top 3 team's choosing!

This year, for both our Summer and upcoming Fall leagues (recreational basketball, recreational softball, recreational kickball, and recreational flag football), the following three local charities have been selected as potential beneficiaries:

1. Keep Swimming Foundation

Keep Swimming Foundation provides financial aid for patients and their families so that they may afford the essential, non-medical expenses required to remain together throughout long-term inpatient hospitalizations. Keep Swimming Foundation is headquartered in Waukesha, WI. Click here to learn more! All funds donated by Milwaukee Sports and Social will be earmarked to support Wisconsin-based families when their loved one requires long-term inpatient care.

2. Rescue Gang

Rescue Gang's mission is to rehabilitate, provide medical care, and find forever homes for abandoned and neglected animals through pet fostering programs. Rescue Gang is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. (Fun Fact: Rescue Gang saved our office dog, Buddy, from a kill shelter in Texas). All funds donated by Milwaukee Sports and Social will aid the organization in creating forever homes for dogs in Milwaukee. Click here to learn more!

3. Milwaukee County Parks

Milwaukee County Parks focuses on developing and maintaining open space/parks for the citizens of Milwaukee (including everyone's favorite KK Sports Center)! All funds donated by Milwaukee Sports and Social will be directly funneled into the KK Sports Center for field and basketball court upgrades/maintenance. Click here to learn more!

The following amounts will be donated by the top 3 teams during our Summer and Fall 2021 leagues:

1st Place: $200

2nd Place: $100

3rd Place: $50

In total, across all Summer and Fall 2021 leagues, over $2,000 will be donated between August and October 2021.

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