In winter of 2023 we transitioned to a new way of providing shirts to players that has been a success. We will now be providing shirts as bundles for each team. This means each team will receive a generous number of shirts for players to choose from. We encourage players to arrive early on Week 1, if they want to assure they receive a specific size. Players have until Week 3 to pick up their shirts! Players must be physically present to claim their shirt. A friend may not pick it up for them.

Our T-shirt bundles are utilized in leagues in which a team consists of 5 players or more. Smaller team leagues (Cornhole, Pickleball, Ping Pong, Bowling, Lawn Pong, etc.) will provide players with individualized shirt sizes.

  • A set number of shirts are added to a bundle based on the average requested shirt size for that sport in the past.

  • Shirts are first-come first-served.

  • There are a limited number of size small and 2XL shirts that are available. In turn, we strongly encourage all players hoping to get a size small or 2XL to arrive as early as possible on Week 1.

  • Once the shirts of a particular size are gone, players will need to choose a different size. Milwaukee Sports and Social will not provide an additional shirt outside of the bundle due to our need to simplify this process.

Size 3XL shirts are available via special order. However, due to the infrequent request of this size, we will do our best to provide them but they are not guaranteed. All 3XL shirts require a $5 up charge that must be paid in advance of the league. Players requesting a size 3XL will receive an email containing a link to pay the additional fee as well as their deadline to make the payment.

Below are the sizes provided, by sport, in each t-shirt bundle:

Basketball: 2 Small, 4 Medium, 4 Large, 4 XL, and 1 XXL.

Dodgeball: 2 Small, 5 Medium, 5 Large, 3 XL, 1 XXL.

Futsal: 2 Small, 5 Medium, 5 Large, 3 XL, and 1 XXL.

Kickball: 1 Small, 6 Medium, 6 Large, 5 XL, 2 XXL.

Soccer: 2 Small, 5 Medium, 5 Large, 3 XL, and 1 XXL.

Softball: 1 Small, 5 Medium, 5 Large, 5 XL, and 2 XXL.

Volleyball: 1 Small, 5 Medium, 5 Large, 2 XL, and 1 XXL.