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Thursday Pre-Spring Co-Ed Dodgeball (6 Weeks)

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Our final Dodgeball season until November begins this March! We are bringing the fun back to everyone's favorite spot from our Winter season: Wilson Elementary School! Get ready for some intense dodgeball in close corridors!

Unlock your inner White Goodman, Steve the Pirate, or Kate Veach and whip balls at your opponent every Thursday night during the Pre-Spring season!

There will be VERY LIMITED SPACE in this league! We have space for 8 teams in this league!

Co-Ed Dodgeball teams will consist of up to 8 players with 6 players on the court at once!

Each night, you will play up to 1 hour of continuous matches. Our referee will have a special app that randomizes several different variations of Dodgeball, including:

  • Standard Dodgeball: Classic play from the movie "Dodgeball"
  • Detonate Dodgeball: A special ball will be marked as the "Bomb". When the hidden timer runs out, all players standing near the bomb will be eliminated.
  • Prisoner Dodgeball: When a player is hit with a ball, they go behind the opposing team's court. If they can catch a ball thrown by their teammate, they can break out of prison and return to their team's side of the court

We will also add a special variation of the game each week!

Come solo or get your dream team together today!


  • 6 Games Guaranteed! 5 Regular Season Games + Single Elimination Bracket Style Tournament!

  • Game Dates: 3/14, 3/21, 4/4, 4/11, 4/18, 4/25
  • When you register, you will receive a survey asking you to share simple information about yourself, such as your age. We will use these details to pair you with the locals who we think you will be a great fit with on and off the court!
  • Each team will be outfitted with a special team-colored t-shirt! Please click here to learn about our new t-shirt fulfillment process! Each team will receive the following shirt sizes: 2 Small, 5 Medium, 5 Large, 3 XL, 1 2XL in Week 1 at the court.
  • All games will be played on Thursday Nights between 6:30-10:30pm! Your team's finalized schedule with specific game times will be provided via email 1 week prior to the league beginning.

  • Dodgeballs will be provided every night by Milwaukee Sports and Social. Balls are foam balls that can easily be gripped and whipped!

  • A referee will be present every night to oversee rules and assure fair play.

  • Location: Woodrow Wilson Elementary School
    8710 W Orchard St, West Allis, WI 53214

  • The winner of the night will be determined by which team wins the most games. Overall playoff seeding will be based on a team's winning percentage.
  • Because this is such a unique league, we will not be strict about gender ratios on each team. While we will strive to put an equal mix of genders on each team, our focus for this league will be pairing people who we think will have the most fun together!

Want to be guaranteed to play with just 1-4 friends? Register as a Partial Team!

Save $25 per player when you bring a full team of 8! Only $599.99 for a Full Team! We ask all Full Teams feature, at least, 2 female players!