Do you have questions about registering for a league? Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive. If the answer to your question cannot be provided here, click here to send us an email. We will respond in 24 hours or less.

Registration Questions:

Our goal is to design every team to have a couple more players than what the minimum requirement is.

Therefore, if 1-3 teammates miss a week due to work or personal engagements, the team can play without you.

In the rare occurrence where 4+ teammates cannot make it, due to an
obligation on the same week, fellow teammates can bring a friend,
sibling, or colleague to take your place as a substitute player.

Don't stress the small things. Focus on the big picture: Improving your social life and having fun!

Great question! After registering, we will send you an email for you to
share information about yourself (such as your age). These details will
be used to help pair you with people who are near your age and who we
feel you will have the most fun with.

Once you register as a Partial Team player, we will send you an email asking you to complete a short survey. In this survey, you will be
asked to provide the names and email addresses of your friends.

We will then contact your friends and ask them to register for the same league as you.

Those who register will be paired together on the same team!

If you and your friend both signed up as Individuals, simply send us an email via our contact form and let us know!

Just one! If you simply want to make sure one friend is on your team, you can utilize this option! However, each sport allows its own maximum number of Partial Team players. If you have more friends beyond the provided maximum number of Partial Team players, we suggest you choose the "Full Team" option when registering.

We will send you an email within 24 hours asking you to complete a team
roster - all digitally - which will be sent to our staff. Processing time may take up to 3-4 business days. Your friends will not receive any email communications until 7 days prior to the league's start date!

Full Team registrations require upfront payment at the time of registration. Therefore, you must collect your friend's payments separately.

If you register as an Individual or Partial Team, you will receive an email shortly after registering asking you for your shirt size. During Week 1, you will be able to pick up your shirt at the check-in booth at the field!

If you register as a Full Team, your
Team Captain (the person who collects the money) will be in charge of telling us everyone's shirt sizes!

No. Sorry. Beginning with our winter 202 season, we can no longer make special accomodations to fit specific schedules. Special accomodations make the schedule making far too dificult for our staff. If you register, you must be willing to play at any time listed on the registration portal, weekly.


No. Sorry, this is an adults-only league. All players must be 18 or older!

No! Players are not allowed to add outside logos to the provided Milwaukee Sports and Social shirt. This includes bars/bar sponsorshps. If a company wishes to have their logo added to our shirts, they may contact us about partnership/sponsorship opportunities.

All players who attempt to add logos to their shirt will be removed from the league with no refund.

No! No outside jerseys are allowed into any Milwaukee Sports and Social Leagues. We do not allow any team to provide their own team attire. Players are asked to wear their provided Milwaukee Sports and Social team shirt each week. Teams who attempt to bring outside jerseys
in after the start of league play will be removed from the league
without refund.

To clarify, if a single player forgets
their shirt or they forget to do their laundry one week, there will not
be any issues. This league was founded by a bachelor. We get it.

Milwaukee Sports and Social will provide a minimum of two bats per field/game. These bats are slow pitch ASA Certified bats.

In short, yes. However, the bat must be a Slow Pitch Softball ASA Certified bat. The umpire will check your bat prior to game play. It is the umpire's sole discretion if the bat is permitted to be used during the game. No wooden bats are allowed.

Absolutely NO metal spikes are allowed. Any player found wearing metal spikes will be asked to change their shoes. If a spare pair of shoes are not accessible, player will be
disqualified from the game. Plastic and rubber spikes are permitted.

You can find the official rules for every league here.

Yes, we do. You can read all about our Play Safe Guidelines here.


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