FAQ: Shirts

Thank you for reaching out to us about our awesome shirts!

Our league shirts have become a staple in the Milwaukee community, so obviously you want one!

Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers about our shirts:

Q: When do I get my shirt?

A: Your shirt will be provided to you at the field/court on Week 1 of your league! We will have a staff member present to check your name off a list and present you with a fitted shirt when you check in.

Q: I missed Week 1. Can I still get my shirt?

A: Yes. Our staff will bring your shirt through the regular season. So long as you make it to a regular season game, you can get the shirt.

Q: How do I submit my shirt size?

A: If you register as an Individual or Partial Team player, you will receive an email containing a link to a survey. The email will be asking you to "Complete Your Registration". In this survey, you can share your shirt size along with other pieces of information

If you are a member of a Full Team registration, you will need to speak with the person who paid for the Full Team spot in the league. This individual is in charge of submitting your shirt size to us when they fill out a similar survey.

Q: I want to change my shirt size!

A: If you let us know with enough time (usually 7 days or more prior to your league's start date), we can accommodate a switch. However, these accommodations are not guaranteed. Please email us at customerservice@milwaukeesportsandsocial.com with your full name, registered sport, and the night of the league. Our team will do our best to help!

Please email customerservice@milwaukeesportsandsocial.com with any additional questions or concerns regarding our awesome shirts!