New Shirt Process (Tested in Fall 2023)

Thank you for your interest in playing either Tuesday Soccer, Thursday Soccer, Tuesday Flag Football, Wednesday Softball or Wednesday Co-Ed Basketball!

We've been really blessed to have so many people play in our leagues in recent months. As a result, we have decided to see if we can make our entire league coordination process easier for our staff, with the overall goal of making the league experience (particularly Week 1 and the communications leading up to the opening week) smoother and better for players!

With this in mind, we are choosing 4 leagues this season to be our "test" leagues.

What is changing:

Traditionally, players are asked to select their shirt size from Small to 3XL when completing the survey.

We will be eliminating this option due to the difficulty we've experienced getting mass numbers of people to complete the survey.

Instead, we will be providing more shirts than needed in Week 1 using a formula that is based off of two years of t-shirt size data.

How it will work:

As always, leading up to Week 1, your team will be assigned a team color.

When you arrive at the field/court/pitch in Week 1, you will simply state your name and team color.

Our team will then have a mass amount of shirts that you can choose your size from.

Example: Say you were coming to Wednesday Night Co-Ed Softball. Your team could be as large as 15 players. However, our team will have 26 shirts ready to go for your team!

Our staff would have the following shirts on-hand:

3 Small, 7 Medium, 7 Large, 7 XL, 1 2XL.

Based on our formula, we believe 99% of players will receive the shirt size they desire. Very few will need to go up one size.

First Come First Served Basis:

In the event your team has an abnormal amount of players who need the same shirt size, (or if you are wanting one of the 2XL or Small sized shirts) we strongly encourage you to get to the field early to make sure you get first dibs on the shirts!

3XL Shirts:

3XL shirts will now need to be requested via the survey. Individuals and Partial Team players will need to select "Yes" when asked if they want a 3XL shirt in order for our team to assign this size. Full Team registrants will need to share the total number of 3XL shirts their team needs.

3 Weeks of Pickup:

Players have voiced concerns to us in the past about rare occurrences in which a player is on the roster, but they do not show up to play until Week 4 or 5. As part of this test, we are only allowing players to pick up their shirts through Week 3. Our hope is this will motivate players to join their teammates sooner than later and experience the leagues as they are intended.

If you show up after Week 3, no shirt for you! (No, your friends cannot grab your shirt for you)!

We look forward to seeing you at the field! Thanks for testing this out with us!

-The Milwaukee Sports and Social Team


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