FAQ: How to Register

Thank you for your interest in registering for a Milwaukee Sports and Social league!

Registering for any of our social sport leagues is SUPER SIMPLE!

When registering (unless otherwise noted for smaller leagues, like Tennis and Pickleball), you will have 3 registration options:

Register as an Individual: Want to register solo and be paired with fun Milwaukee locals? Great! Sign up as an Individual. Upon doing so, you will receive a survey via email asking you to share some information with us that we will use to pair you with the best possible team!

Register as a Partial Team: Want to play with friends, but you do not have enough friends to form a Full Team? No problem! Register as a Partial Team player. You will then be able to share with us your friend's full names and email addresses. Within 24 hours, we will send them an email inviting them to join your team. Once your friends register for the same league, you will be guaranteed to play together. We will then mix your Partial Team with other Milwaukee Locals!

Register as a Full Team: Have enough friends to fill in a full team for the league you are interested in playing? Awesome! Register early enough to snag the Full Team discount!

You can easily choose any of these options by selecting your preferred registration type on any registration page on our site:

Please email registration@milwaukeesportsandsocial.com with any additional questions or concerns regarding registering for any of our leagues!