Spring Pickleball Tournament Presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon
Pickleball Tournament Milwaukee
Milwaukee Pickleball
Pickleball Tournament Milwaukee

Spring Pickleball Tournament Presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon

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We are joining forces with Pabst Blue Ribbon and our friends at Dale Z's On Tour to bring the city of Milwaukee a 2-day Co-Ed Pickleball Tournament this May!

This tournament will allow you and a partner to compete for the Grand Prize of 2 Tickets to see Maroon 5 at Summerfest! As an added bonus, the better you play, the more FREE Pabst Blue Ribbon you score!

Day 1: Saturday, May 18 | 9:00AM - 8:30PM- 32-Team Pool Style Play-In Round:

8 Pools of 4 Teams will compete in a 3-match round robin format with the winner advancing to the Day 2 Tournament!

2 Teams who do not win their pools will still make the Day 2 Tournament via Wild Card seeds, if they are the 7th and 8th overall highest scoring/winning teams on Day 1!

All matches on Day 1 will consist of 2 games played first to 11. Tie-Breakers will be determined by Points For with Points Against serving as the secondary tie-breaker.


Every 11 total points your team scores during the Play-In Round will score you one (1) free can of PBR from Dale Z's On Tour!

NOTE: When registering, teams will be given the option to choose their preferred time slot:

Morning: 9:00AM-Noon
Mid-Day: Noon-3:30PM
Afternoon: 3:30PM-6:30PM
Evening: 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Day 2: Sunday, May 19 | 9:00AM - 4:30PM- 10-Team Double Elimination Tournament:

Teams will be seeded based on their overall record and Points For/Points Against from Day 1.

The tournament will be double elimination:
All matches in each round will be played 2 games of first to 11. If needed, a third match will be played first to 11. There will be no need to win by 2 in this tournament. All losers bracket games will play this format, as well, in all rounds.

A losers bracket will run in tandem with the tournament. The winning team from the losers bracket will make it to the Championship match!

Points For and Points Against will be tracked per each game. Points For will be the tie-breaker, if needed. Points Against will be the backup tie-breaker in the event Points For is tied.

For Seeding: In the event two teams have the same record, the same Points For and the same Points Against, we will flip a coin the morning of the tournament with both teams in-person to decide the higher seed placement. If the coin flip is required to determine Wild Card teams, the flip will occur on our Instagram story the night prior. Game times for Day 2 will not be provided until the late evening of May 18 to all teams via email.

NOTE: All Day 2 Teams must consist of the same 2 players from Day 1. No subs/alternates are allowed in Day 2!

IN THE EVENT OF A RAIN OUT: We will make the tournament up on May 25-26.


All prizes are being generously provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Grand Prize: Two (2) Tickets to See Maroon 5 at Summerfest on July 5!

Second Place: One (1) case of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a Pabst Blue Ribbon Swag Pack!

Third Place: One (1) case of Pabst Blue Ribbon.


Dale Z's On Tour:
3585 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207


This tournament is like our Pickleball leagues: Mixed Doubles format. Teams can feature 1 male and 1 female, 2 males, or 2 females.

Do not wait! Pick your preferred pool and get ready to play! Register ASAP! This tournament sold out last year VERY quickly!