The more you play throughout the year, the more cool perks you earn!

Play in multiple leagues between January 1st and December 31st each year to level up and earn rewards that help you flaunt your player status and save money!

12th league

Play in 12 leagues this year and you will unlock full, creative control over designing a team colored shirt for our leagues! Your design will be one of our 2024 limited edition seasonal team colors!

Oh, and you get a free print of your shirt so that you can flaunt your design all over Milwaukee!


When you play in your 10th league, your 11th league is automatically on the house!

We will hook you up with a custom discount code so that your next Individual or Partial Team registration is 100% free!


You've played in 8 leagues this year. That means your social life (and friend circle) have been massively upgraded! Keep making more friends for less! Your next league is $25 cheaper!

You will receive an email containing a custom code that will take $25 off your next Individual or Partial Team registration!


By now, you are probably starting to eye certain team colors and you're probably beginning to ask our staff if you can PLEASE have that one color shirt the next time you sign up. No worries. Now that you've played in 6 leagues, you will have say in your next team color!

We will send you an email allowing you to pick your preferred shirt color(s). We will then make it happen the next time you play!


You are playing, socializing, and having an awesome experience meeting fun MKE locals. It's time we hook you up with the water bottle that only hardcore players get to carry! We're talking 24 ounces of stainless steel, machine washable, full color logo awesomeness.

Our staff will hand deliver your water bottle during this fourth league you are in.


Clearly, you enjoyed your first league, which is why you are back for more! As a thank you for showing us love, we are going to give you some love in the form of $5 off your next (third) league with us!

We will send you an email containing your $5 custom code that will take $5 off your next Individual or Partial Team registration!