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Wednesday Pre-Spring Co-Ed Full Court Basketball (6 Weeks)

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Full Court Co-Ed Basketball returns in 2024 with two nights of action on Monday and Wednesday night! Each team will hoop with a squad of 7 in our traditional 5v5 format!

This league is designed for individuals who are looking for an evening of intense cardio or for basketball lovers who desire a casual style of play.

We have space for 8 teams in this Co-Ed Basketball league!

Sign up as an individual, bring a couple friends, or register your full team of 7 for 6 exciting nights of basketball!


  • 6 Games Guaranteed! 5 Regular Season Games + Single Elimination Bracket Style Tournament!

  • Game Dates: 3/13, 3/20, 3/27, 4/3, 4/10, 4/17 
  • When you register, you will receive a survey asking you to share your overall playing style, height, and various other pieces of information about your basketball ability. We will use these details to pair you with the locals who we think you will be a great fit with on and off the court!

  • This league is designed for adults! Players must be, at least, 18 years of age or older. However, we recommend players are 21 or older to enjoy the full experience!
  • Each team will be outfitted with a special team-colored t-shirt! Each team will be provided with 1 Small, 4 Medium, 4 Large, 4 XL, and 1 2XL. 3XL shirts may be special ordered!
  • All games will be played on Wednesday Nights between 6:30-10:30pm! Your team's finalized schedule with specific game times will be provided via email 1 week prior to the league beginning.

  • Basketballs will be provided every night by Milwaukee Sports and Social. (This league will play with a standard 29.5 inch ball).

  • In this Co-Ed version, 2 referees will be present.  All referees will be WIAA Certified.

  • Location: Poplar Creek Church
    11530 W Layton Ave. Milwaukee, WI

  • NOTE: Because we are playing in a church gymnasium, there is no alcohol allowed on the premises. This is a dry league.

  • We has reserved 8 spots in the league for female players to assure we have proper roster balance.

  • Each game will be played with our new unlimited scoring format - 2's and 3's. 40-minute running clock. Halftime is triggered after 20 minutes.

  • Bottom two teams (based on seeding) will be eliminated from the standard playoffs. All players on these bottom two teams will be provided with a $10 Milwaukee Sports and Social Voucher Code as a replacement for their 6th game. These codes may not be combined.

Want to be guaranteed to play with just 1-4 friends? Register as a Partial Team!