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Thursday Spring Co-Ed Tennis Singles (7 Weeks) [RECREATIONAL]

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League Description:

Last year, players asked us for a Singles Tennis league so that they could challenge opponents 1-on-1. The players loved it, so this year we are taking it one step further by opening two leagues on the same night with different skill levels!

This version of the league is designed for recreational players. If you are new to the game or you are picking the sport back up after a long break, this is the skill level for you! If you want something more challenging, check out the Advanced version of this league, which is available on the same night.

Save your spot in this fun league today. Get some great exercise while working on your tennis game!


  • 7 Weeks Guaranteed! - 6 Regular Season 10-Game Super Sets + Single Elimination Bracket Style Tournament!

  • Each week, you will play best of 10! Scoring will be first to 4 (15, 30, 40, game). No Ad-Set Scoring System will be applied. You will play all 10 games each week.

  • The league will function as a Co-Ed singles league. Because this is a recreational social league, this is a mixed gender league.
  • Game Dates: 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/30, 6/6, 6/13, 6/20 - By popular demand, there will be no games on 5/23 to allow for Memorial Day Weekend travel!

  • All games will be played on Thursday Nights between 6:00-10pm! Your finalized schedule with specific game times will be provided via email 1 week prior to the league beginning.
  • When you register, you will receive a survey asking you to share various pieces of information about yourself.
  • While this is not a team league, all players will receive our super famous Milwaukee Sports and Social shirt so that you have something to play in (and look great in). Shirt colors will be randomized and provided based on your requested size in Week 1 on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Tennis balls and racquets will be provided every night by Milwaukee Sports and Social. Players may bring their own racquet. Balls will be reused throughout the season. In the event you want a new ball each night, please consider bringing your own balls.

  • Because this is a non-competitive league, there will be no referees present. Players will be asked to self-score and provide the final outcome of the 10-game super set to our on-site staff.

  • This is an adult league. No minors are permitted.
  • Location: Humboldt Park
    3000 S Howell Ave. Milwaukee, WI