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Bar Olympics
Bar Olympics

Bar Olympics

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3/23/24 UPDATE: BAR OLYMPICS SOLD OUT! However, we have opened Wait List spots for Olympians who want to be next up in case someone drops out!

In the event you are not added to a team, your full Wait List registration will be refunded by 4/28/24.

TAKE A CHANCE! Join the wait list! (Players will be added on a first-come-first served basis).

You've trained your entire adult life for this moment.

Every late night you’ve spent at a bar.
Every heavy step you took carrying a case out of the gas station.
Every moment someone told you to go home, but you bravely said, “One more.”

It’s time to silence the haters.

We’ve designed a night of competition that only the fiercest of athletes can endure!

Join solo or register with friends as you compete in a night of bar games where the top three teams will go home with actual medals!


Water Pong:

The classic game from your twenties, but bigger than ever! Each team will select 4 players to compete as 2 pairs! Players will battle through a single-elimination bracket throughout the day!

Giant Speed Jenga:

Picture this: A small table rests in the middle of the room with a Giant Jenga resting on top. Surrounding the table are cones representing one starting spot for each team member. Each player is required to hold a drink in their one hand, as they alternate with the opposing team. When it’s your turn to play, you must rush into the circle, remove a brick and place it on top of the Giant Jenga tower as quickly as you can! The catch: Each team has a total of three minutes they can spend in the circle. If you knock over the tower or the timer expires while you are in the circle, your team loses!

Rubber Chicken Toss:

Think Top Golf meets javelin throwing meets rubber chickens. We will set up multiple hula-hoops on the ground. Each hula-hoop will vary in size and represent a different point value. Four players on each team will toss the rubber chickens into the circles as they wrack up points. Best of all, the final chicken you throw will be the Magic Chicken! The Magic Chicken will count as a 2x point multiplier if it lands inside a hula-hoop!


Each team will elect 2 players to compete in a single-elimination Cornhole Tournament! The longer they survive (and the more points they score each match), the more points they accumulate!


One player on your team throws one-handed (a drink must be in the other hand) while the other two chase balls! Each team will receive a different color ping pong ball. 9 cups of water will be placed in the center of the table. The first player to line up three in a row will advance their team to the next round! The catch: Each round you advance, a different teammate must throw!

Family Feud:

It wouldn’t be a day at Pilot Project Brewing without a throwback to one of our past, very fun leagues that we held in 2023: Family Feud! Each team will elect a 5-member family to compete in a best of 3 Family Feud match!


After all 6 games are completed, the Top 4 Teams (based on cumulative points) will advance to the final game:

Flip Cup! (Water Edition):

Seed 1 V 4. Seed 2 V 3. The two winners go head-to-head, while the two losers will compete in the third place consolation match!

Tie Breaker Game (in case there is a tie to get into the top-4):

MKE SS Trivia:

The day of this event is also Milwaukee Sports and Social’s 3-Year Birthday! To celebrate, in the event two or more teams tie, we will ask each team to elect 1 player who will answer multiple rounds of Milwaukee Sports and Social trivia. The team with the highest score will advance!

PLUS, there will be a post-event social hour at Pilot Project Brewing

All players will receive a fitted Bar Olympics Team Colored shirt. Sizes Offered: Small - 2XL. All 3XL shirts may be special ordered with a $5 post-purchase up charge. The deadline to purchase and submit your shirt size is 5:00PM on Friday, April 12. All players who have not yet submitted their data will be defaulted to a size XL.


Pilot Project Brewing
1129 N. 9th Street
Milwaukee, WI

Friday, April 26, 2024
6pm - 10:30pm + Optional Social Hour until Midnight!


Per our refund policy, all special event purchases are non-refundable.


Each team will get a different color variation of the event shirt featuring the Bar Olympics and Pilot Project logo in white ink!